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What's Your Freedom Act?

What is a Freedom Act?

A Freedom Act is a conscious action (big or small) taken from a place of self love, in order to break free from fear and Experience Your Freedom. 


I am Rainy Suggs and My Freedom Act is reclaiming the true essence of my little girl and taking back my name Rainy Lynn. I will take action by filing the paperwork on or before May 15th. I am ready to Experience My Freedom...

Are You?


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Three years ago I got the opportunity to go out to California and chase my dreams with the fabulous Michelle Patterson and be a part of the California Women's Conference. 

That summer I made conscious choice and took action to live a life I loved to live. 

We are the Hero of Our Own Story

~ Mary McCarthy

Imprisoned by Fear

Before that summer adventure out in California, I spent most of my life in a constant state of fear. If you asked most of my friends up until that point, they would tell you they thought I was fearless, however I spent most of my time in a constant state of fear

Yes, there were many times I may have taken the leap afraid, but running in a constant state of fear took a toll on my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. 

I spent years feeling depressed, confused, sad, angry, and lost. I was unable to see my blind spots. I was living in fear.

Going to California that summer was my first Freedom Act. It was the first time I loved my kid and myself enough to follow my dreams and make a better life for us. 


I was afraid of leaving my daughter and my home of 10 years to go back to a place I hadn't been in 20 years. I had no idea what the universe had in store for me, but what I came home with was more valuable than I imagined. 

It was priceless. It was me. Rainy Lynn. I finally loved me and I couldn't wait to get home to my daughter and share that love with her. 

Love is the Answer

How can I Experience My Freedom?

Now its YOUR turn to declare your Freedom Act! You may be thinking I have NO IDEA what that could be. Many times when we are in fear, we have blind spots. Even when we are in the pursuit of uncovering those fears, many times we just can't see them for ourselves.The steps to Experiencing our Freedom are simple but not always easy. The good thing is you don't have to do it alone.


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Face Your Fear

Take a look at the 5 different areas of wellness in your life:

Physical, Community, Career, Social, Financial

Pick an area in your life that is in breakdown (loss of relationship, job, money or a health challenge) or just want to level up. 

Now think of that situation.


Do you see a repeating pattern? Same story, different face and place but same story. 


Feel Your Feelings

What do you feel about that story? 

Are you in love or fear? 

If you are avoiding, hiding, running or feeling resistance that is fear. 

The fear has a message for you. Make friends with your fear, it came to set you free. 

Let yourself feel any anger, sadness, confusion, hurt and regret you may have. 

We can't heal what we don't feel. 


Experience Your Freedom

Think about someone you love with all your heart. Your kid, your partner, family member, friend or pet. 


Now imagine you are taking that action to break free for the one you love. 

Could you do it? 

Now commit to taking that action for you and your loved ones and begin to love yourself and experience your freedom. 

Take Action & Break Free

Once you have gotten clear about YOUR Freedom Act, now it's time to declare it to the world. Copy and paste the text below and insert your information in the spaces provided. 

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I am (insert Full Name) and My Freedom Act is (insert the action you are going to take to break free from fear). I will take action by (set a date). I am ready to Experience My Freedom... Are You? #whatsyourfreedomact #myfreedomact #experienceyourfreedom #lovefest2020 #therealsharepodcast 

Declare Your Freedom Act
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